Digital printing on door panels

Printing on residential and industrial doors - DURA PRINT by Kružík

New and patented technology for digital ink printing on door panels.

More about the Dura Print technology

This unique technology is the world's first for successfully printing door panels with digital ink printing. 

After printing, an automobile quality polyurethane lacquer is sprayed on the panel.  The lacquer provides

high resistance to fading due to UV (sunlight), and also resistance to scratches.

The printing technology provides up to 360 dpi resolution which offers superb print quality on door panels.  This level of resolution is unique worldwide.

Print options are almost unlimited.  We can print wood designs, the appearance of concrete or steel, photographs and digital art.

10-year warranty against fading and corrosion, 5-years in salt air conditions. Because this technology is really worldwide unique we applied an utility model and patents at patent offices.

10 Reasons Why Dura Print Technology

  • Unique technology for printing on garage and industrial doors
  • Utility model patented
  • Unlimited possibilities and options of print styles
  • Anyone can order a door with an individual design to have "Your Door, Your Design".
  • 10-year warranty on surface finish, 5-years in salt air conditions
  • All panel types and surfaces printable up to 360 dpi resolution
  • Window frames and other accessories printed to match your door
  • Possible to print replacement panels at any time
  • Applicable for industrial doors, e.g. company logos
  • Designs exactly printed to door dimensions

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